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MuteBark™ Pro Elite Training Device

MuteBark™ Pro Elite Training Device

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!

Enjoy instant relief from nuisance barking, backed by our famous money-back guarantee!

MuteBark Pro Elite’s advanced sensors automatically identify and stops unwanted barking.

We Put Your Pet's Welfare Above All Else

Our MuteBark Pro Elite employs advanced sound recognition technology that identifies and addresses only excessive barking, ensuring your pet's well-being and happiness.

Compare to other traumatic devices, training and punishments, our gentle approach corrects unwanted behavior without causing harm or stress, keeping your furry friend content and relaxed.

Stop Nuisance Barking for Good!

Discover a peaceful haven in your home with MuteBark Pro Elite  2023's Ultimate & #1 Anti-Bark Device designed to restore serenity and joy to your living space.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures effective results while prioritizing your pet's comfort and safety  

How To Use MuteBark Pro

Please charge the device before using. Connect the device to a laptop, PC or charger (no more than 2A).

To activate the device, press the "POWER" button for 3 seconds until it beeps once. Adjust sensitivity from 1-4 by pressing the sensitivity button to match your dog's barking level.

Choose your desired level: 15KHZ (Level 1), 20KHZ (Level 2), 30KHZ (Level 3), or 15KHZ-30KHZ (Level 4). The digital display will indicate your choice.

If your dog doesn't respond immediately, please be patient; in some cases it might take up to 2 weeks. Adjust frequency if needed, and reinforce training with rewards and positive reinforcement.

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